Stacey Clear

P.E., Stormwater Group Leader / Arlington Office Manager

Years at Gray & Osborne:
1997 – 2024

Stacey has been with Gray & Osborne since 1997.  She completed numerous projects relating to stormwater, sanitary sewers and water mains.  Such projects involve stormwater comprehensive plans, flood hazard management plans, upgrading designs of stormwater conveyance systems, and drainage district assessment rolls with related assessment methodologies.  Ms. Clear provided ongoing engineering services to Drainage Improvement District #8 and Lake Stevens Sewer District in Snohomish County.  She has prepared stormwater comprehensive plans for the cities of Marysville, Oak Harbor, Mountlake Terrace, Milton, Buckley, Ilwaco, and Ridgefield and has assisted numerous cities with NPDES Phase II stormwater requirements.  She designed culvert replacements for numerous cities and conducted water quality related studies for the City of Lake Stevens and King County.  She designed sewer mains for the Lake Stevens Sewer District and the Arlington Airport.  She also assisted with numerous Sewer Comprehensive Plans including those for the cities of Wenatchee, Mountlake Terrace, Woodland, and Clallam County. She has a Masters of Engineering with an emphasis on GIS which she utilized to develop a GIS program for the Lake Stevens Sewer District.  Stacey has also completed water main replacement designs for the Startup Water District and the Baring Water Association.  Stacey has extensive knowledge of modeling programs such as WWHM, KCRTS, XP-STORM, HYDRA, HEC-RAS, StormShed, and InfoSewer.