Steve Clark

P.E., Utility Group Leader

Years at Gray & Osborne:
1990 – 2024

Steve is a principal with the firm and is also the leader of the firm’s Utility Group, as well as our Survey Crew. He has over 25 years of engineering experience in state and federally funded public works projects.  His career includes an extensive background in both the construction and civil engineering industries.  He has over 20 years of experience as a civil consultant, 3 years as a project manager for the City of Lynnwood, and an additional 5 years of experience in the construction field as an estimator and field engineer.  His design and management experience includes a broad background in civil improvement projects such as water development, treatment, transmission, and storage facilities; wastewater collection, transmission, and treatment facilities; stormwater collection and treatment systems; and roadway improvements. In addition, Steve has provided architectural design for lift stations, pump stations, wastewater treatment facilities, maintenance facilities, storage facilities, and municipal buildings.  Due to the diversity and breadth of Steve’s educational and professional background, he has regularly served as a member of our in-house project quality assurance/quality control teams. As Principal‑in‑Charge, Steve would be responsible for commitment of firm resources, subconsultant management, quality control, and overall budget and schedule.  Steve is dedicated to the quality of the product provided, fostering good communication, and completing projects on schedule and within budget.