Mcallister Wellfield
corrosion control

Project Details

Olympia, WA
City of Olympia
Primary service:

The City of Olympia was required to optimize the pH of water being produced by its various well sources in order to provide a consistent pH throughout its water distribution system in order to reduce the potential for lead and copper corrosion of household plumbing. Gray & Osborne completed a corrosion control study to evaluate alternatives for system optimization.

Gray & Osborne determined that installation of packed tower aerators to strip dissolved carbon dioxide and raise the pH of the water from the City’s McAllister Wellfield would be the best alternative to optimize the pH in the distribution system.

Gray & Osborne designed a treatment system consisting of three 14-foot diameter packed tower aerators and a blower building to initially treat up to 15 MGD. The system was designed to be expandable to treat up to 23 MGD when the McAllister Wellfield if fully built out. The system was located at the City’s Meridian Reservoir site and was located in such a way to eliminate the need for repumping after the packed towers.